“Florida Home Inspectors (Kai Strom) is on the top of my list for home inspectors. Rave reviews from more of my clients than any other home inspector. He does a very thorough job, giving a very objective and concise report that is 20+ pages long, with detailed pictures of any faults he finds. One call to Kai and he brings a licensed pest control guy, and any other lic. contractor that is necessary (HVAC, Roofing, Sea Walls, Docks, etc.) especially if we know a system is suspect or old. Kai also does the required Wind Mitigation and 4-Point insurance reports. He is a one stop shop that makes it convenient for all parties because he schedules everyone to be at the home the same day. They swarm the place and you usually get his report that night or the next morning and the other contractors reports soon after. Buying a home with confidence can only occur when you feel like no stone was left un-turned.

Kai is, by far, worth every penny in my opinion, but because he bundles his service he is also not the most expensive either.

I have not seen a better job done by anyone!”

Albert Wooster
(Allen Real Estate Services, Inc)

“I have hired Kai to do so many inspections, I can not count them. He is always on time for the inspection and delivers the report promptly to the buyer and myself. I love how he is a “one stop shop” and he brings all other professionals to the inspection at the same time. I always recommend Kai at every chance. Tanya Waxler” May 8, 2012

Tanya Waxler
(U Keep Commission Real Estate)

“Kai is well deserving of numerous kudos from the Realtors of Manatee County. Always friendly, on time, detailed and reviews each area of the inspection with the potential new owner. He knows his business. Very proud to be associated with a true professional”September 13, 2011

Donna Wilcox
(Leslie Wells Real Estate)

 just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all you have done for me in the two properties we experienced together in the last two months. This was a roller coaster of a journey and I am glad that I had you and your crew of experts be hind me. It just shows you how important “good” home inspectors such as yourself are in the home buying process. I have heard horror stories from my co-workers and friends with their experiences in hiring home inspectors and it made me feel even better knowing how well I was taken care of. I wish you the best in all your journeys and will refer others to you as well in the future.

Tiffany McHugh